What Brought Us Together?

  • We are a group of patient advocates and medical professionals who seek to improve treatment outcomes for patients preparing to receive chemotherapy based on fluoropyrimidine drugs (fluorouracil (aka 5-FU) and capecitabine (Xeloda)). These drugs are commonly used in treating patients with gastrointestinal forms of cancer and may also be used to treat patients with breast, and head/neck cancers. 
  • We have loved ones and friends who were NOT screened before the start of chemotherapy and who consequently suffered terrible toxic reactions and eventually died.  
  • We believe pre-screening for DPD Deficiency is essential before the start of chemotherapy.  We have joined together to increase awareness of the risk to patients with DPD deficiency and to bring about a new standard of care in the US that will serve to improve patient outcomes (see our activities at Initiatives)

Our Bylaws

As a registered non-profit you can read our bylaws here.

Personal Stories

The Human Cost of Failing to Test for DPD Deficiency Prior to 5-FU/Capecitabine Chemotherapy.

Anthony Harwood